Monday, November 17, 2014

USCIS FB I-485 & I-130 Processing Statistics As Of August 2014

Please see below latest FB (family based) statistics released by USCIS:

USCIS I-130 - Preference Category Processing Statistics

 CSC VSC NSC National
All Other Pending 4,576 6,894 674 13,017
Pending but adjudication deferred 348,234 141,363 2,884 495,279
Customer action waiting 19,132 2,654 219 22,092
Completed 19,443 3,260 824 24,025
New receipts 13,785 3,663 529 18,117

Volume in Texas Service Center (TSC) is currently low.

CSC = California Service Center
VSC = Vermont Service Center
NSC = Nebraska Service Center
USCIS FB I-485 Processing Statistics

 CSC VSC National
Pending 1,070 11,660 292,487
awaiting visa number
0 0 64,260
Customer action waiting 109 950 31,927
Completed 139 996 51,569
New receipts 360 1,877 49,685

New receipts: USCIS have recently received application
Pending: USCIS have started processing application
Customer action waiting: USCIS is waiting for more document(s) from customer (RFE)
Preadjudicated: USCIS have finished processing the case but visa number is not available
Completed: USCIS have completed processing application

If you are planning to file I-130 or I-485 application, the table above will give you an idea of how many applicants are ahead of you.

Since USCIS goes by last receipt date, if you are going to file your I-485 (or just filed), you will be placed behind this queue. Exception is if application is preadjudicated then it would go by PD.

Please remember to update the tracker with any new data.The tracker includes I-130/NVC/I-485 information.

For previous FB I-130 and I-485 statistics, please click here:

Tip: USCIS updated their processing time some days ago. Please see the link on right side of this page (under USCIS Links) or the GC Calculator page.



    May be in this week or possibly next week Mr. President going to take executive action on Immigration Reform, there is nothing to do with the Immigration Reform for families of Legal Immigrants..., Mr. President should think more abut legal immigrants than illegal immigrants, after the executive action 5 million undocumented illegal’s are going to getting Green Cards, and the families of legal immigrants who are divided with their spouses and children’s are suffering and waiting to stay together….

    F2A applicants and their families are suffering a lot, frustration is killing…, and this is not fare separating husband and wife for more than two years…

    Mr. President must consider F2A in his executive action and give relief to the families to stay together…

    1. you are right... we are suffering from pain to stay together... this is not fair

    2. It is outrageous that we immigrants have to go through this in spite of being a permanent resident. Every category has a dependent visa for their spouse (F1, H1, L1, etc).., it completely doesnt make sense at all for the current immigration law not to have some kind of adependent visa married to a PR. This is soo not fair.

    3. if there is an executive order or any immigration reform. those illegal will go to the back of the line not in front of the line. they will only given a permit to stay here in the US, come out to the open and pay penalties and taxes. don't worry too much.....

  2. You are Absolutely right, Permanent Resident is suffering today to stay with his family, F2A this is not fair

  3. Breaking News: Obama's executive order on immigration coming Friday....

    1. Wait and watch, what he will declare, suspense on F2A

    2. nothing for F2A.

    3. so it is notthing for F2A???

  4. Reducing family separation for those waiting to obtain LPR status. Due to barriers in our system, U.S. citizens and LPRs are often separated for years from their immediate relatives, while they wait to obtain their LPR status. To reduce the time these individuals are separated, DHS will expand an existing program that allows certain individuals to apply for a provisional waiver for certain violations before departing the United States to attend visa interviews.

    1. Nothing to do with F2A category :

  5. The Immigration Accountability Executive Action (IAEA): Summary of Action Plan

    What DID NOT Make it Into the Proposal

    It is worth mentioning briefly which of the common points did not make it into the proposal. Parents of DACA holders are not included. Also, the proposal does not change the way the family derivative members are counted under the immigrant visa numbers. As a result, the current backlogged wait system will continue

  6. Nothing changes! Continue waiting! Expect much lost much :(


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