Wednesday, November 26, 2014

National Visa Center No Longer Collecting Original Civil Documents

The National Visa Center (NVC) will cease collecting original civil documents in support of immigrant visa (IV) applications as of November 12, 2014.

Most applicants will be required to submit photocopies of supporting documents (such as birth, marriage, and police certificates) and will be instructed to take their original documents to their interviews for review.

This does not include Affidavit of Support forms, which petitioners will still submit to NVC for initial evaluation.

New Instructions to Applicants:

After applicants and petitioners collect the Affidavit of Support form(s), financial evidence, and supporting civil documents, they are instructed to submit all of the documents to NVC. As of November 12, 2014, applicants at non-electronic processing posts will be instructed to submit photocopies of their civil documents by mail.

NVC will review the copies and, when the case is documentarily complete, will place the copies into the file, which will be sent to post, increasing the number of cases that are documentarily qualified. When the appointment is scheduled, NVC will instruct applicants to bring their original documents to the interview for evaluation and final case processing.

Original Affidavit of Support forms will still be submitted to NVC for initial evaluation. Applicants at designated electronic processing posts will continue to submit their documents via email.

NVC anticipates this change will maintain the integrity of the IV process, reduce customer wait times, and improve the customer experience overall.


  1. why why why.... legal immigrants must be victims of immigration reform...???? we have been following the rules... we have been waiting for enough time....
    why he did not care about us..sooooooooo saaaaaad..... started loosing faith.... OMG....please don't stop torching us...

    1. Well said, it is true... frustration is killing us... especially F2A applicants, not a single thing had done for legal immigrants in the Immigration Reform..... heart breaking

    2. F2A needs to stop whining and deal with it. Some of us have been waiting much much longer


  2. The
    U.S. Senate finally releases its version of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform
    (CIR) bill today. The Border
    Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 proposes
    to reform many aspects of the current immigration policy, including the
    creation of a new Registered Provisional Immigrant Status (RPI) for the
    undocumented immigrants. The prerequisite is that the border must be secured
    first before any RPI petition will be approved. The following are the
    highlights of the most important proposed changes:
    Family-sponsored Immigration

    Reduce the current four family preference categories
    to two categories only: Unmarried adult children (of U.S. citizens);
    married adult children (of U.S. citizens) who file before age 31, and
    unmarried adult children of lawful permanent residents.

    Lawful permanent residents will be able to petition
    for their spouses and minor children (currently F2A) without regard to
    visa numbers – just like U.S. citizens can do now.

    The current F4 preference category will be
    eliminated 18 months after the law is enacted – meaning that U.S. citizens
    will no longer be able to petition for their brothers and sisters.

    The Diversity Visa Program (“Visa Lottery”) will be
    eliminated after FY2014.

    1. Good New: F2A will be current soon

    2. what is source for this news, when f2A current??

    3. That's not a reliable source , it s a draft with out date from an Asian website !!

  3. When will this bill become law? What is the process? When can people begin to apply for legalization?

    The Senate bill must first move through a process of approval in the Senate Judiciary Committee, where it will be subject to amendment from both Republicans and Democrats on the committee. The bill will then go to the whole Senate for debate and amendment and a final vote. The House must also pass an immigration bill.

  4. Are you kidding me ! This is immigration bill for one year ago which never got a way to the house ! Don't get excited !!!

    1. This is the new bill from the senates......

    2. i think this is 1 year old bczz lottrey visa alredy stop in 2014

  5. in this website has NOTHING related to F2A

    too badddd!

  6. you should email to white house nay one do that

  7. Don't ignore the green card holder once they will become concidet their needs....specialy about the spouse visa.....they have the right to live with the family in USA.....plz don't cheat us... We are also a normal human being with all feelings.....

  8. extremely unfair decisions.... is it for being legal immigrants.???????

  9. in this website has NOTHING related to F2A

    too badddd!

  10. Any one send email to Whitehouse

    1. This responds came from the President. The problem why nothing has been done regarding immigration is not the president, but the Republican party.

      The White House, Washington

      Thank you for writing. America’s immigration system is badly broken, and I know many people are hurting because of it.

      In an immigration debate that has too often been distorted by misinformation and obstruction, stories like yours reaffirm that this is not an abstract issue. Millions of families are facing hardship because of our broken immigration system. It separates parents and children for years at a time, keeps hardworking men and women from building a better life, and undermines America’s promise as a Nation of laws and a Nation of immigrants.

      We have to do better. That is why I am deeply committed to working with Congress to enact bipartisan, commonsense reform that fixes our broken immigration system and delivers relief for those in need.

      Thank you, again, for sharing your story. To learn more about my plan for immigration reform, visit

      To contact United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or get information about a current USCIS case, visit or call 1‑800‑375‑5283. For problems with a USCIS application or petition, you can also contact the USCIS Ombudsman at For information on United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, visit or call 1‑888‑351‑4024. For help with visa processing, eligibility, waivers, and other inquiries, visit
      Military families may call 1‑877‑247‑4645 for help with immigration-related questions. And anyone can find information on jobs, child care, health benefits, housing assistance, and other public resources available to those in need at 1‑800‑FED‑INFO or

      Thank you, again, for writing.


      Barack Obama

    2. Who ask for help?We are not poor people asking for help.
      We are not people looking for money ,some job or
      We are people who is waiting for our family to be together,people who don't broke law,who live honest,who love and believe America.

  11. Here are the key components of the IAEA, with a focus on the policies that will impact clients and friends of MU Law:

    1. Allowing earlier filing of the I-485, Adjustment of Status: Green card applicants will no longer have to wait until their priority date is current in order to file their I-485, Adjustment of Status. This is especially helpful for India and China EB-2 applicants and all EB-3 applicants in the US.

    a. By allowing green card applicants to file their I-485, Adjustment of Status much earlier in the green card process than under the current process, applicant’s spouses will be able to obtain work authorization (EAD cards) many years earlier than under the current policy.
    b. Once an I-485 is pending for 180 days, applicants are able to leave their green card employer-sponsor provided that they have found a “same or similar” position. The President has also announced that the USCIS will be providing guidance on the definition of “same or similar”. The forthcoming guidance is expected to be more liberal than the current interpretation.


  12. But not for F2a petition

  13. It is nothing for I-130 F1 petitions?

  14. Can someone tell me how soon NVC will contact you before your PD become current my PD April 2008 F2B category, Jamaican.

  15. Hello,
    I filed an I-130 (under the F2A category) for my husband
    my case was approved with priority date 27/1/2014 and mailed to NVC
    in 19/12/2014 i will have my oath and my citizenship ..
    can you tell me please how to update my case from F2A to immediate relative ...
    and how long it takes to update and hear from NVC ...
    and how long it takes my husband to have his immigration visa appointment after updating ....

    thanks alot and please answer me soon... good luck to all of you

  16. Does anybody have information about Vermont service center processing times please? They stuck for 3 months and now they went a week backwards! It seems we will never get our cases processed.
    Any information will be helpful

    many thanks


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