Monday, January 16, 2023

Secretary Mayorkas Extends and Redesignates Somalia for Temporary Protected Status for 18 Months

Redesignation Allows Additional Somali Nationals to be Eligible for TPS and Employment Authorization Documents

WASHINGTON – Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas today announced the extension of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Somalia for an additional 18 months, from March 18, 2023, through September 17, 2024. He also redesignated Somalia for TPS, allowing Somali nationals residing in the United States as of January 11, 2023 to apply for TPS, so long as they meet all eligibility requirements. The extension and redesignation of Somalia for TPS are due to ongoing armed conflict and extraordinary and temporary conditions that prevent Somali nationals from safely returning.

"Through the extension and redesignation of Somalia for Temporary Protected Status, the United States will be able to offer safety and protection to Somalis who may not be able to return to their country, due to ongoing conflict and the continuing humanitarian crisis," said Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas. "We will continue to offer our support to Somali nationals through this temporary form of humanitarian relief."

Secretary Mayorkas decided to extend and redesignate Somalia for TPS after consulting with interagency partners and carefully considering the ongoing conditions in Somalia. Longstanding conflict, along with natural disasters and disease outbreaks, has worsened an already severe humanitarian crisis. Somalia continues to be affected by terrorism, violent crime, civil unrest, and fighting among clan militias. These conditions prevent Somali nationals and habitual residents from returning safely. The Secretary also determined that permitting eligible individuals to remain in the United States under a TPS designation for Somalia was not contrary to the interests of the United States.

The extension of TPS for Somalia allows approximately 430 current beneficiaries to retain TPS through September 17, 2024, if they continue to meet TPS eligibility requirements. The redesignation of Somalia for TPS allows an estimated 2,200 additional Somali nationals (or individuals having no nationality who last habitually resided in Somalia) who have been continuously residing in the United States since January 11, 2023 to file initial applications to obtain TPS, if they are otherwise eligible.

A soon-to-be-published Federal Register notice will explain the eligibility criteria, timelines, and procedures necessary for current beneficiaries to re-register and renew Employment Authorization Documents (EADs), and for new applicants to submit an initial application under the redesignation and apply for an EAD.

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