Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Updates to GC Tracker

Hey everyone, we are excited to release many updates to GC tracker. Here is a quick summary of changes, based on feedback and suggestions in the forum:

NVC Tracker: This tracker have been newly added for both employment and family based categories. Once your I-130 or I-140 application is approved and if you are outside US, you can use this tracker to track your application as it goes through NVC to local US Embassy/Consulate to interview. It also has direct link to check the status of your application.

FB I-130 Tracker: Added  two columns:

1. Case Transferred To
2. Case Transferred Date

FB I-145 Tracker: Added five columns:

1. Case Transferred To
2. Case Transferred Date
3. Interview Notice Received Date
4. Interview Date
5. Interview Location

EB/FB I-485 Trackers: We have renamed two columns and made it more clear (based on request in forum).

All Trackers:

1. Google Maps: Have you sometimes wondered where some countries are located? Now if you just hover your mouse over the country name, you will instantly see a map of that country and surrounding areas. If you click that map, it will load Google Maps where you can learn more about that country.

2. Floating Header: When you scroll down to bottom of the page, the header will now stick to the top of the page. This will help you to see the header as well as tracker data.

3. Speed: The site is now much faster.

4. Follow Case: Now you can follow each case (which may be similar to your case). Anytime a case is updated, you will get a notification email.

5. Comments: You can directly comment below each case. Just scroll to bottom of page and post your question/comment about that case. All people who are are following that case will get a notification email.

Direct link to GC Tracker:

Other Changes:

1. 15 Minutes News have been updated. You can search for news on any topic (favorite celebrity, sports, country, people, etc)

2. You can now register or login to forum with Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Thank you everyone for all your feedback. If you have more suggestions, please post them in comments below or in the forum.


  1. In trying to make it better, you might just have broken it.
    For EB 485, I keep getting error 'We encountered an error loading data. Please try again or change the search criteria!!'

  2. Thank you for letting us know. This has been fixed. It was caused by a bug in the web hosting company. Simply restarting the server fixed this.

    That explains why it was working fine few hours ago. Thanks again :)

  3. My i485 application was submitted in June and I have a receipt date of June 20, 2013. I had my interview on September 5th. I haven't received anything since the interview. They didn't tell me if I was approved or denied. It's been approximately 7weeks and counting since my interview. Do you know what could be holding it up?

    1. You should call USCIS as ask them for an update. If you check the forum, there are others who are also waiting to hear back.

  4. My case was sent back to USCIS . Iam married for 8 years my wife spent 5 years with me in Egypt and coz of the situation here and wasn't safe my wife went back to USA and when it get better in Egypt my wife couldn't come back coz she have problem with her back and she can't fly for long way for many hours . I really don't know what to do to prove our relationship if my wife can't come back to Egypt and for sure I can't go to USA to be with her without visa

  5. I want to ask you about Family Base Immigration Visa. My Case is Approved by USCIS Notified The U.S. Consulate or Port of Entry. I Don't know why NVC doesn't approve my case. NVC pick the my mom application not my application. I call to nvc. Nvc told me you are over the 21 year. my lawyer sends the all documents related Petition and USCIS Notified approve recipient. NVC put the wrong priority date on I-797c notice of action receipt. my lawyer sends the correct document relate I-797c notice of action receipt to the Nvc by post mail. My lawyer mention all the detail relate my application. I Calculator my age on I am under the 21 year. My lawyer sends the package to nvc for the child status protection act. NVC approves my case or not, Please Suggestion.


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