Thursday, October 11, 2012

USCIS I-129 Temporary Worker Petition Statistics Reflecting Clogged Processing of the Cases

FY 2013 H-1B cap case processing has been witnessing delays giving some hardships to the employers that hire foreign professional workers. The following data reflect the clogged state of I-129 processing assuming that the majority of those cases involved H-1B cases:
I-129 Statistics April Through August 2012
At the End of: New Receipts Total Pending
April 2012 23,682 72,300
June 2012 56,935 123,398
July 2012 27,519 117,982
August 2012 28,664 106,336
Note: In calendar year 2012, the FY-2013 H-1B cap reached in early June 2012. Since then no cap cases have been filed. Total pending cases have not been moving much, considering the fact the new receipts in each recent month were only less than 29,000. There was information that Vermont and California Service Centers may add the pace of processing of H-1B cases beginning from September or October 2012, but we will have to wait and see. As for the H-1B professionals who have been suffering most are those who were in OPT that expired after filing H-1B cap petitions and have been working on automatic employment authorization, which expired at the end of September 2012. The latest USCIS monthly processing times report indicated that as of the end of August 2012, CSC was processing 06/04/2012 Receipt Cases and VSC was processing 05/07/2012 cases. Remembers these statistics include those which are filed with the Premium Processing Requests which they had to adjudicate in 15 calendar days. August statistics are not available, the July 2012 statistics reflected that USCIS processed 46,835, all I-129 cases including all EB nonimmigrant cases, including extension and change of status, and in H-1B cases including cap and non-cap cases, out of which the USCIS completed 36,728 cases and 10,107 cases were placed on either RFE or NOID or other customer actions

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