Monday, October 29, 2012

USCIS Service Centers Processing Time Target Goal for Each Type of Petition/Application as of 08/31/2012

  • The following table for the national target processing times for different types of applications and petitions of the USCIS will help readers to understand the current USCIS Monthly Processing Times Report as of 08/31/2012 and as released on 10/19/2012.
 Form Number Type of Visas  Target Proc Times
 Immigrant Proc:    
FB-Based Petition 5 Mos
Rel Wkr Petitions 5 Mos
EB Petitions 4 Mos
EB Green Card 4 Mos
EAD/AP 3 Mos
 Nonimmigrant Proc    
Fiancee Petition 5 Mos
H-1B Petition 2 Mos
L-1 Petition 1 Mo for Regular
2 Mos for Blanket
 I-129 others
E,O,P,Q,TN Visa Petitions  2 Mos
Religious Wkr 5 Mos
All Types  1.5 Mos
  • With the foregoing information, readers can visit the USCIS latest processing times reports to learn how much each of the five service centers is experiencing delays. However, readers should use the monthly processing times reports for each type to plan for filing each of the different types of petitions or applications not to encounter a problem with either status maintenance or employment authorization or other issues.

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