Saturday, December 29, 2012

In Depth Study of STEM Foreign Nationals in the U.S. and Their Immigration

A CRS report shows that the number of full-time STEM graduate students increased from 91,150 in 1990 to 148,923 in 2009, taking approximately 32.7% of StEM graduate students. The statistics reflect, according to the report, that graduate enrollments in engineering fields have exhibited the most growth of the STEM fields in recent years. 

About 40,000 graduate degrees were awarded to foreign STEM students in 2009, with 10,000 of those going to Ph.D. recipients. In FY2010, almost 91,000 H-1B workers were employed in computer-related occupations, taking up 47% of all H-1B beneficiaries. 

The study also reports that in total, foreign nationals reporting STEM occupations made up 44% of all of the 676,642 LPRs who were employment-based principal immigrants during the decade of FY2000- FY2009 and of all of the LPRs reporting STEM occupations (297,668) over this decade, 52% entered as professional and skilled workers. 

STEM graduates seeking LPR status are likely to wait in line to obtain LPR status. Please read this in-depth report and analysis of STEM foreigners in the U.S., including their backgrounds.

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