Monday, December 10, 2012

USCIS Initial Estimate of DACA Applications by DREAMers

  • DACA started from 08/15/2012 and within three months (11/15/2012), the USCIS received 308,935 applications. This record is a little less than one thirds of total DACA application estimates when the USCIS launched the program. According to the I-765WS estimate, the work sheet for employment authorization application by Deterred Action applicants were estimated as follows. This form is required for all the deferred action applicants including non-DACA deferred action applicants:
    • Total Deferred Action Applicants (Judging from I-765WS estimate): 1,047,357
      • DACA applicants: 1,041,300
      • Non-DACA applicants: 6,057
    • Total DACA applications actually received within the first three months (08/15/2012 - 11/15/2012)
      • 308,935
  • It appears that the USCIS has been releasing the monthly statistics to satisfy the demand from Reps. Lamar Smith and Chuck Grassley, and it is likely that the updated statistics may be released probably within the next two weeks or so. Obviously the new number may be substantially higher than the latest figures and the DHS, including USCIS and USICE may continuously remain busy to process these DACA applications for a while, presumedly affecting directly or indirectly processing times for other immigration benefit applications. It will be interesting to see what type of structural changes the USCIS will propose in the forthcoming budget to accomodate estimated avalanche of new workloads, assuming that the Congress will indeed pass a Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation within 2013. We will find it out soon.

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