Tuesday, January 8, 2013

USCIS Launches E-Verify Employers Search Tool

USCIS recently announced the launch of the E-Verify Employers Search Tool. This tool, which is available free of charge on USCIS's E-Verify website, is a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to search for and view profiles of employers currently enrolled in and actively using the E-Verify program.


Purpose and Scope of the E-Verify Search Tool

The E-Verify employers search tool is meant to replace the lists of E-Verify employers and federal contractors that appear on the E-Verify website. Previously, an extensive and often time-consuming review of these lists was required to determine whether an employer was enrolled in the E-Verify program. The new search tool simplifies the process and allows individuals to search for employers using one or all of the search parameters available, including employer name, state, and/or zip code.


Refine Search Using Available Filters

Once the initial search is conducted, a user can refine and limit the results using available filters. The user will then be provided with an employer profile that includes the business name, the city, state, and zip code of the employer, the employer's workforce size, and certain federal contractor information.


F-1 OPT STEM Extensions Require Registration in E-Verify

Although E-Verify is generally a voluntary program, many employers participate in order to qualify for employees who are on STEM F-1 OPT extensions. Students who have received degrees within the designated list of STEM areas can qualify for 17-month extensions of F-1 OPT employment authorization. One key requirement, however, is that the prospective employer must be registered in and using the E-Verify program. Benefiting especially from the E-Verify search tool, therefore, will be those seeking STEM extensions, as they can easily determine which prospective employers participate in the E-Verify program.



The E-Verify search tool launched by USCIS is a welcome and positive development that benefits employers and employees alike. Although the search tool is bound to experience bumps and glitches, we applaud USCIS's efforts to increase efficiency through the continued use of technology

Link: E-Verify Search Tool

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