Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Annual Numerical Limits FY 2014

Department of State have released the quota for EB and FB category for fiscal year 2014.

Family Category:

Preference     Foreign State     Worldwide
F1                   1,638                   23,400
FX                                              65,950
F2A                 6,151                   21,984
F2B                 1,838                   26,266
F3                   1,638                   23,400
F4                   4,555                   65,000
Total              15,820                226,000

Unused numbers can “fall-down” from F1 to F2A to F2B to F3 to F4.

Unused F4 numbers can “fall-up” to F1. This potential is taken into consideration when setting the monthly/annual targets for number use. Those targets are established based on the historical and current patterns of number use, and are adjusted as necessary.

Employment Category

Preference     China*  All Others  Worldwide
E1                   3,003     3,003          42,900
E2                   3,003     3,003          42,900
E3/EW            2,703     3,003          42,900**
E4/SR                746        746          10,650
E5                       45        745          10,650
Total              9,500*    10,500      150,000***

*The provisions of the Chinese Student Protection Act require that the China annual limit be reduced by 1,000. A total of 300 numbers are deducted from the E3 category, and 700 from the E5 category.

**The EW category is currently entitled to up to 5,000 of this total.

***Estimated limit.


  1. How Family based spillover comes to Employment category?

  2. How come there are more visa's allotted to F2B (children of LPR) than there are for F1 (children of USC). Visa bulletin movements are also greater in F2B than in F1. Why is greater preference given to non US citizens? Seems backwards...

  3. So that means, that only 21,984 F2A Greencards can be assigned this FY - unless the above categories don't completely use their assigned amount?

    Has it always been such a low number? I thought it would be 77% of the overall second preference limitation (114,200) which equals 87934. That equals the categories FX and F2A together. I'm confused, how can the amount mention in FX be assigned to either F2A, F2B, F3 or F4?

    1. Per country cap is 7%. so for F2A for the entire yr only 6151 visa's are available per country. That's about 500 visas per month. I am open for correction.

    2. What does FX mean? What does foreign state and worldwide indicates? Can anybody expalain this table please?

  4. My PD is 2003 FB-

    3, my son lives in Ukraine,could it be sooner because of war there?


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