Monday, August 5, 2013

Website Feature # 5 - GC Tracker

Hey everyone, we have just launched GC Tracker after working on it for long time.

GC tracker will help you to quickly track your case and your friends cases from start to finish.

Here are some of the important features:

EB =  Employment Based Category. FB = Family Based Category.

1. You can add just EB or just FB or both EB and FB category from same account. The last option assumes you have two pending cases in different category.
2. You can add your USCIS/NVC receipt number in the case status. With just a simple click you can track your case status on USCIS/NVC website. Also last three digit of case number is hidden from everyone else. They will only see *** instead of last three digits. This way your full receipt number is secure/hidden from others but fully visible to you.
3. You can add or modify your case anytime.
4. You can add/edit each individual application. This way if you have only filed I-130 or I-140 application, you only have to fill and submit that data.
5. At a glance you can see processing time for each of your (or others) applications.
6. You have tons of way to filter you data.
7. Similarly you have lots of way (fields) to sort the data (ascending or descending).
8. For I-485/NVC application, you can even filter by applicants by filing month and year. This way you can track everyone who file I-485 at same month and year as you (example find out people who filed I-485 in August 2013 in F2A category).
9. We have added two "dummy" records under username Admin and Amazon. You can view / sort / filter these two data anyway you want.
10. You can add and track your entire progress from start to finish in EB (PERM, I-140 and I-485) and FB (I-130 and I-485) category for  Permanent Resident and US Citizen.
11. Few more stuff that we will let you discover :)

Update (September 2013):

We have added more new features:

1. Google Maps: Have you sometimes wondered where some countries are located? Now if you just hover your mouse over the country name, you will instantly see a map of that country and surrounding areas. If you click that map, it will load Google Maps where you can learn more about that country.

2. Floating Header: When you scroll down to bottom of the page, the header will now stick to the top of the page. This will help you to see the header as well as tracker data.

3. Follow Case: Now you can follow any case (which may be similar to your case). Anytime a case is updated by owner, you will get a notification email.

4. Comments: You can directly comment below each case. Just scroll to bottom of page and post your question/comment about that case. All people who are are following that case will get a notification email.

Here is the direct link:

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  1. hi amazon i hope everyone notices that uscis updated their processing time but it still says 31st may instead of june and even the info are the same as last month so basically they just published the same data from last month

    1. Yeah, they updated data on Aug 2. If there is no change in processing time, it would remain the same.

  2. My mother in law filled our case pd is 2015 Dec koi Bata sakta hai Kitna time or hai


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