Friday, February 28, 2014

USCIS US Citizen I-129F, I-130 & I-485 Processing Statistics As Of 12/31/13

Please see below latest US Citizen Beneficiary Statistics released by USCIS:

USCIS I-130 - Immediate Relative Category Processing Statistics:

CSC VSC National
All Other Pending 11,851 18,054 355,085
Customer action waiting 10.349 2,129 19,007
Completed 18,407 870 53,739
New receipts 76 3,651 39,218

CSC = California Service Center 
VSC = Vermont Service Center 
USCIS I-129F Processing Statistics:

CSC VSC National
All Other Pending 2,345 1,608 11,259
Customer action waiting 1,653 237 2,575
Completed 1,835 668 4,473
New receipts 1,471 70 3,700

USCIS I-485 Processing Statistics: 

 CSC VSC National
Pending 1,723 10,135 253,730
awaiting visa number
0 0 65,971
Customer action waiting 240 2,106 38,342
Completed 40 1,270 36,682
New receipts 321 1,673 46,883

 New receipts: USCIS have recently received application
Pending: USCIS have started processing application
Customer action waiting: USCIS is waiting for more document(s) from customer (RFE)
Preadjudicated: USCIS have finished processing the case but visa number is not available
Completed: USCIS have completed processing application

Please remember to update the tracker with any new data.

If you are planning to file I-129F, I-130 or I-485 application or have just filed them, the table above will give you an idea of how many applicants are ahead of you.

Since USCIS goes by last receipt date, if you are going to file your I-485 (or just filed), you will be placed behind this queue. Exception is if application is preadjudicated then it would go by PD.

Note: USCIS also updated their processing time few days ago. Please see the link on right side of this page (under USCIS Links) or GC Calculator page.

For previous months statistics, please click here:


  1. Thanks for these statics. Just keep it up and share more as much as you can.

  2. hello amazon. will you provide your analysis on i485 inventory data. eb3row still has around 12K remaining and uscis said that there wil be very little or no movement at all over the next couple of months, how come? does uscis aim at moving the dates foward at some point so that there is no wastage? it will be very good to know your take on this.

    1. I have covered some of the statistics in the April 2014 Visa Bulletin Analysis blog post. There is actually possibility of USCIS/DOS to retrogress EB3ROW slightly. Currently we would have to wait for some more data from USCIS.


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