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USCIS FB I-485 & I-130 Processing Statistics As Of 02/28/14

Please see below latest FB (family based) statistics released by USCIS:

USCIS I-130 - Preference Category Processing Statistics

 CSC VSC NSC National
All Other Pending 3,393 12,728 0 18,375
Pending but adjudication deferred 350,996 122,074 4,474 482,809
Customer action waiting 11,597 4,973 1,384 18,140
Completed 14,515 3,655 1,473 20,764
New receipts 14,272 3,468 498 18,364

Volume in Texas Service Center (TSC) is currently low.

CSC = California Service Center
VSC = Vermont Service Center
NSC = Nebraska Service Center
USCIS FB I-485 Processing Statistics

 CSC VSC National
Pending 1,629 8,957 265,775
awaiting visa number
0 0 63,781
Customer action waiting 238 1,896 37,775
Completed 188 1,615 46,141
New receipts 286 1,704 43,348

The applications at CSC is much lower than VSC in nearly all categories.

New receipts: USCIS have recently received application
Pending: USCIS have started processing application
Customer action waiting: USCIS is waiting for more document(s) from customer (RFE)
Preadjudicated: USCIS have finished processing the case but visa number is not available
Completed: USCIS have completed processing application

If you are planning to file I-130 or I-485 application, the table above will give you an idea of how many applicants are ahead of you.

Since USCIS goes by last receipt date, if you are going to file your I-485 (or just filed), you will be placed behind this queue. Exception is if application is preadjudicated then it would go by PD.

Please remember to update the tracker with any new data.The tracker includes I-130/NVC/I-485 information.

For previous FB I-130 and I-485 statistics, please click here:

Tip: USCIS updated their processing time some days ago. Please see the link on right side of this page (under USCIS Links) or the GC Calculator page.


  1. Amazon,
    I have a question and hope the answer would be helpful to others as well:

    Say, the applicant filed his I-485 employment based. And after a while, the dates are retrogressed. Then eventually, when the dates are current instead of GC, there is an RFE issued for I-485 (AOS) ... and the applicant / attorney reply to the RFE in a timely fashion... Meanwhile, the dates get retrogressed again.

    The question is: Does the applicant need to wait until the priority dates move again to current to receive the GC or will the applicant receive the GC because the officer looked into the case already in the past.

    Your answer is very much appreciated.

    1. It should not matter if the dates retrogress after you have filed for I-485 and you have received notification from USCIS that they received your application for change of status. If the dates retrogress for the category in which you were in, it only means there is a higher volume of people filing for I-485 and the cue is long. You just have to wait in line from that moment on, but you should not worry about dates going backwards or forward. Once you have filed for I-485, that's it, you don't care about VB anymore, you just care about waiting and when you will get your GC in the mail, provided your application for change of status is confirmed.

    2. Dear Anonymous, can you please help?

      My spouse's 485 is pending. We received RFE for vaccination info missing from medical examination. We have submitted response for RFE on 15th August. The PD is EB2 April 2007.

      I read on that there are no more GC numbers available. Can you please advice if there is any chance this could get approved by 15th of october? or Would USCIS stop processing existing pending 485? I already have my GC approved last year, but USCIS is taking a long time to approve my spouse's 485.

      Please advice if I need wait or is there a way to expedite this? I have reached out to USCIS and they said that RFE response takes 60 days of SLA.

      Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the information. The question is, Based on these statistics and compare to previous years, could you predict there will be a retrogresse in the end of the year or not?

  3. Hi, I received my GC (Employment based) on 11 Sept 2013, my Priority date was April 2007. My wife's Application receipt date is 25th August 2013. Her application is pending in TSC. Can you please let me know if she has to wait until the priority date becomes current? and any guestimate on how long would she have to wait? Thanks


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