Monday, April 28, 2014

USCIS Is Issuing RFEs on I-485s for Medical Exams

The I-485 medical exam is required for many  I-485 applications. The medical examination report, form I-693, is part of the supporting documentation to the I-485 filing. The I-693 form is generally valid for a one-year period.

USCIS has begun issuing RFE (requests for evidence) for updated medical examinations in connection with long-pending I-485 applications.

This is because is many medical exam forms are set to expire on May 31, 2014. From June 1, 2014 onwards, adjustment candidates should be aware that they might be requested to obtain and submit fresh medical exams to update their medical records on pending I-485.

The medical report I-693 is supposed to be valid only for one year but the USCIS has been issuing its policy annually to extend the medical report on file with the USCIS for I-485 applicant. But AILA has reported that the USCIS will cease such age-old policy. 

Under the latest policy memorandum, this policy will end at the end of this May and the USCIS has already sent out notices to the I-485 applicants in the form of RFE to submit a new medical report.  Please make sure to respond so that it should not cause delay in adjudication of the pending I-485 applications


  1. Hi, my pd july 2006 eb3 india. Clear the pending case upto 2006. I will get I-693 application now.

  2. We are all waiting for your Jun prediction. Come on man!

  3. Official Predictions on Priority Date Movement for FY14 by Charles Oppenheim

    May 1, 2014 ( )

  4. EB-2 India. This is the major headline from Mr. Oppenheim’s comments – EB-2 India is likely to move forward to January 1, 2008 during the August or (more likely) September Visa Bulletin. This movement will aim to utilize all of the available visa numbers for the fiscal year that may be unused by other categories (possibly 5,000 or more, but fewer compared to prior years).


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