Saturday, September 15, 2012

DACA Eligible DREAMers: Who Are They and Where They Are?

  • The latest information released in August 2012 by Migrant Policy Institute gives the nation a glimpse of the location and characteristics of the DREAMers who are/will be eligible for the DACA applications per the USCIS DACA guidelines which was released on 08/03/2012. The following represents some information of the location and characteristics and readers should read the whole report (only 10 pages) themselves for the details:
    • How Many? Estimated at 1.76 million nationwide
    • Where Are They From?
      • 87% from Americas (76% from Mexico and Central America, 11% from Caribbean & South America)
      • 9% from Asia
      • 6% Rest of the world
    • Age Group:
      • 800,000 (K-12 grade children)
      • 140,000 (College enrollment group)
      • 80,000 (Degree earned group: Minimum of AA degree)
    • Education Level in Degree Earned Group? (Who Have Already Earned Minimum of AA or Higher Degrees)
      • 48% AA degree
      • 44% Bachelor's degree
      • 8% Advanced Degree
    • Employment Status?
      • 58% already in workforce
      • 42% not in workforce
      • (Unlike the fear which the conservative forces in the country have, most of them are already in labor force and working. EAD through the DACA will move these work forces upward in occupations, but the impact on the unemployment may be less than what those people have feared.)
    • Where Are They? As one can easily speculate, majority of them are located in the ten (10) largest states in the West Coast, East Coast, and the South, plus Illinois in the Midwest. However, there are a quite of number of them located in all other states. Readers may be surprised to see the numbers in other states where they live.
  • The foregoing gives just an eyeview of the picture and readers are encouraged to read the whole report. It is not a large volume report

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