Monday, September 24, 2012

Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana Introduced Interesting Bill Yesterday Making Voting in Federal Election by "Unlawfully Present" Aliens an "Aggravated Felony"

Yesterday, Senator from the State of Louisiana introduced in the Senate S.3579 "Protect Voter Integrity Act" to make voting in a Federal election by an "unlawfully present" alien an aggravated felony. 

This bill is intended to turn such aliens subjected to expedited removal from the United States under the immigration law. The full text has yet to be released but it is interesting to note that it applies to "unlawfully present" aliens only and apparently not "lawfully present" aliens, even though any aliens, whether in lawful present or unlawful present status, voting in the federal elections is a crime under the current law. If this Senator introduced this bill targeting at DACA beneficiaries to scare them off from coming out of the closets, probably the bill should have included a separate definition of "unlawfully present" for federal election law in his bill. 

Remember that in Obama Care Act and other federal health care benefit areas, lately the HHS excluded the DACA beneficiaries from the healthcare benefits. Here is the press release of the Senator Vitter.

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