Monday, September 24, 2012

Senate Session Ended Until 11/13/2012 for Lame Duck Session After Passing Continuing Resolution and a Large Number of Bills on Unanimous Consents

  • Senate was struggling to deal with the Continuing Resolution in order to end the session this weekend, primarily because of a couple of amendments introduced on the floor to the Continuing Resolution. After riding a roller coaster, the Senate reconvened after 11:30 p.m. last night and worked through the midnight and until early this morning. Then after passing a motion to cloture, the Senate was able to pass the Continuing Resolution without any amendments since the amendments were eventually withdrawn. Passage of the Continuing Resolution was followed by passage of a large number of legislative bills by last minute Unanimous Consents without votes. H.R. 3012 or any related immigration bills were not one of those that were taken up for the unanimous consent. The fate for H.R. 3012 and related bills are doomed in the 112th Congress after this Congressional session.
  • Wow, the yesterday's Senate session was literally dramatic and breath-taking. After all, they were able to prevent a shut-down of the federal government at least until March 27, 2013 and will leave the Hill to join their constituents in their districts for election campaign. The Senate will have Pro Forma sessions but there will be no voting sessions until they return on 11/13/2012. 

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