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FAQ: Filing Unemployment - Part 3

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I need to reschedule a determination interview. What should I do?
Contact EDD immediately.

How can I comment on the interview, or about the interviewer who called me?
EDD is committed to outstanding customer service and values its customers’ opinions. Use any one of the following options to provide comments:

   What should I do if I got a Notice of Determination DE 1080CZ and I want to discuss it?

I received a Notice of Determination, DE 1080CZ and I am not eligible for benefits. What do I do now?
You have the right to file an appeal if you do not agree with all or part of our decision. Review the Appeals section on this Web site for more information.

   Why am I not eligible for benefits? You took money out of my check while I was working.
UI benefits are financed solely from taxes paid by employers. No deductions are taken from an employee’s wages for UI benefits. You have the right to file an appeal if you believe you are entitled to benefits. Review the Appealssection on this Web site for more information.
This notice was sent because the Department has:
  • been unable to verify your identity using the information you provided when you filed your UI claim, or
  • received information that your identity may have been compromised
As a result, further identifying documents are required. Whenever there is a question of correct identity, the Department requires identifying documents to ensure benefits are paid only to those who are legally entitled to receive them.
Failure to provide the requested documentation may result in a denial of benefits.

Why did I receive a Request for Information, DE 1326E, I have never filed a UI Claim?
You are receiving this notice because a UI claim was filed using the social security number documented on the notice and there is a question about the identity of the individual who filed the claim.
Complete the form and provide the documentation that is being requested to verify ownership of the social security number. You are not required to provide the requested information, but the Department needs your assistance and cooperation to ensure benefits are paid only to those who are legally entitled to receive them.

What should I do if I don’t respond, or respond late to one of EDD’s forms or notices?
Claimants who are not able to respond timely to one of EDD’s forms or notices, should submit the requested information immediately after the reason for the delay has ended. Along with your response, explain why you were not able to respond within the time limit. If the response is late for an unavoidable reason, EDD may extend the response time. Keep in mind that the longer the delay, the more substantial the reason for the delay must be. Failing to respond to an EDD notice or form can result in a potential disqualification of UI benefits.

How can I get a copy of my UI records?
Call EDD and request a copy of your claim records. We will mail a paper copy of the requested information to you within 10 business days. You may also submit your request online thru Contact Us on the Ask EDD page.

I just received a Notice of Overpayment, DE 1444. Can someone explain it to me?
A Notice of Overpayment is mailed to claimants who have been paid benefits they were not eligible to receive. The notice shows the amount of the overpayment and penalties, if any. In addition, the notice explains why you were overpaid and provides information about your appeal rights.
Contact EDD for a more complete explanation.

Where do I send my overpayment?
Send a check or money order payable to EDD. Include your name and social security account number on the check or money order and mail the payment directly to:
EDD Cashiering, Benefit Recovery
State of California
PO Box 826806
Sacramento, CA 94206-0001
Do not send cash in the mail.


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