Wednesday, February 13, 2013

USCIS Immigration Application Statistics as of 12/31/2012

 The chart linked below show immigration application receipts increased by 10 percent compared to the number received in December 2011. December 2012 approvals increased by 23 percent, denials decreased by 19 percent, and pending increased by 22% compared to December 2011

It also shows:
  • Major receipt volumes in December 2012 include: 95,234 I-765 employment authorizations; 54,733 I-130 immediate/all other petitions; 40,401 I-485 applications to adjust status; 32,836 I-131 travel document/advance parole; 28,645 I-90 green card renewals/replacements; 19,882 I-129 forms filed; 14,089 I-821 temporary protection status.
  • Major volumes of pending applications at the end of December 2012 include: 724,827 I-130 immediate/all other petitions; 364,548 I-485 applications to adjust status; 183,997 I-765 employment authorizations; 139,062 I-90 green card renewals/replacements; 124,736 I-751 remove conditions spouse jointly/waive; 55,471 I-131 travel document/advance parole; 48,941 I-129 forms filed.

Link to the chart:

USCIS Naturalization Applications Statistics as of 12/31/2012:

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