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USCIS EB I-485 & I-140 Processing Statistics As Of 08/31/13

We have updated the December 2013 Visa Bulletin predictions. Most of the changes are in EB category. Please see this link:

USCIS EB I-140 Processing Statistics

 TSC NSC National
Pending 6,195 1,131 7,373
Customer action waiting 1,239 3,208 4,447
Completed 4,096 2,056 6,156
New receipts 2,942 1,761 4,703

The number of completed cases was higher at TSC and lower at NSC in the last one month. Customer action (RFE) waiting decreased at TSC.

USCIS EB I-485 Processing Statistics

 TSC NSC National
Pending 26,303 20,519 223,043
Preadjudicated 50,038 41,488 91,557
Customer action waiting 3,366 16,500 42,020
Completed 11,116 14,609 63,275
New receipts 9,008 11,569 53,502

Current case load continues to be equally distributed between TSC and NSC for most categories.

Number of  completed cases increase by around 5,000 to 6,000 for both TSC and NSC. This could be due to EB3ROW and EB2 India applicants submitting their I-485 applications from August 1 when dates moved forward.

The volume is still much lower than expected. This would explain the spillovers from EB3ROW to EB3 India and EB3 Philippines and further increase in movement for EB2 India.

The I-485 pending inventory should give a much clearer demand for each category. Dates for EB3 ROW is likely to move forward by another 10-12 months in December VB.

Since USCIS goes by last receipt date, if you are going to file your I-485 (or just filed), you will be placed behind this queue (even if your PD is before these applicants). Exception is if application is preadjudicated then it would go by PD.

For previous I-140 and I-485 statistics, please click here:

Note: USCIS also updated their processing time few days ago.. Please see the link on right side of this page (under USCIS Links) or the GC Calculator page.


  1. Great news for Eb3 ROW , my late '11 PD looks better now ;) Thanks guys for all the hard work @

  2. Hi Amazon, this is GREAT news. I was really concerned for my pending I-485 (PD 4-20-2010 - EB3ROW - TSC), but if the information that you are providing is accurate I do not have anything to worry about.
    I'll add my case to the tracker.

    1. I forgot: thank you for the immense work that you do!

    2. You are welcome Bruno. And thank you for adding the case to tracker. It would be helpful to others and give insights on what the service center is doing.

  3. Hi Amazon, Why eb3c will only move 2 weeks?

    1. 2+2=4 my friend.. read between lines.

      Could it be because there are too many EB3C cases or its all EB categories against EB3C, what do you think?

    2. from the official 140 approved case number we know there are not many eb3c from 2010-2012. I understand family join, cp numbers are not included in the official data, but even if cp count is 4 times higher than 140 approved count, the eb3c should at least move 1 month/month... that is why I'm confused with this prediction.

  4. I am having a hard time reconciling this with the note in the most recent demand data that said USCIS has already received enough I-485 applications in EB3-ROW to exceed the INA quota. The demand data is dated Oct 7, which is more recent than the processing data we have here (from Aug 31). Isn't it likely that USCIS received a large amount of I-485s in September and the first week of October? And if so, wouldn't it be nearly impossible for EB3-ROW to see any forward movement this fiscal year?

    1. I think this could be inside information, since the initial estimate for EB3 ROW was 0 day or possible retrogression.

  5. Hi amazon any update about NSC which month it is processing for f2a category i130

    1. Hi Josh, please see link on right side of this page called "USCIS Processing Time". It is under USCIS Links. It is also in the GC Calculator page.

  6. Employment Based, Third Preference (EB3): Worldwide, China, and Mexico
    The EB3 worldwide category advanced considerably in FY13, and this is expected to continue in FY14. The DOS says it is necessary to generate new filings in the EB3 worldwide category. Thus, it is expected that there will be advancement of the cutoff date by up to a year in the December 2013 Visa Bulletin. The DOS further expects to be able to continue to advance the cutoff date, although less dramatically, in January, February, and possibly, March 2014. EB3 cutoff dates for China and Mexico will match the worldwide cutoff date.

    Source: Murphy Law Firm
    They confirm what Amazon predicted which is great news!

    1. Hi, Bruno79, The prediction for EB3 China in Dec only move 2 weeks, where you see the link that it will advance with ERb ROW and Mexico for up to one year? that would be a good news for EB3C



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