Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Anticipated Surge of DACA Applications and USCIS Resources

Yesterday's Presidential election result is a huge relief for DACA Dreamers. There appear to be a large number of DACA Dreamers who had been hesitant to come foward to apply for DACA benefits because of uncertainty of the result of the election. 

Now, since the President Obama is reelected, the uncertainty for those DREAMers who have applied for the DACA benefits and who have yet to come forward and apply for DACA benefits has disappeared. 

Considering the estigmte figure of 1.7 million potential beneficiaries, it is anticipated that there will be a huge new applicants coming out of the closets and filing the DACA benefits. One wonders whether the USCIS will have enough resources to handle such surge of applications within a limited period of time with its limited resources. 

Reportedly, the USCIS has been hiring new officilals for this program, but until enough resources are recruited and properly trained, the USCIS is likely to go through a stress in management of all different types of applications and petitions.

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