Wednesday, March 5, 2014

April 2014 Demand Data

April 2014 Demand Data should be published soon. Demand data is used by DOS to calculate the monthly visa bulletin dates. If you are not familiar with demand data, please see this article: What is Demand Data?

There should not be any major changes in the April 2014 Demand Data.

EB2 India: As many of you know, due to huge demand from EB3 India porting to EB2 India, USCIS had to stop allocating visas to EB2 India category from November 20, 2013.  The demand data should include these porting cases, if they have been preadjudicated.

Currently the cases are been counted twice in both EB3 and EB2 category (since they do not have a system to accurately track various porting cases). Please see article.

EB3 ROW: The full demand for EB3 ROW/Mexico/China should start showing up in the next I-485 pending inventory. However since VB dates keep moving forward and visa is available, not all cases would appear in this demand data. This is because demand data only contains preadjudicated cases (and CP cases).

Currently it takes about 4+ months to process I-485 and preadjudicate case. Hence demand data for these categories could appear to be low, though dates have moved by 3+ years.

Tip: Once demand data is released (or in case DOS does not release demand data this month), you can use the Find Hidden Visa Bulletin tool to locate the April 2014 Visa Bulletin before it is released to general public.

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  1. This is copy pasted from the last articles. Amazon, can you please share your opinion around the latest i485 pending inventory? Thanks

    1. You havent mentioned specific category/country. I have covered few of them in the April 2014 Visa Bulletin Analysis blog post.

  2. Hi Amazon, EB3 Philippines moved 6 weeks for April 2014. Will it continue to move at this pacing?

    1. I will update the original blog post for EB3 Philippines. It should continue to move forward faster in the next few months.

  3. Yes amazon, pls. Gv as an i sight about this....we're waiting for the 2007 to be finished this fiscal year.

  4. It is still possible for EB3 Philippines to have big jump in next few months, I will update the original blog post.

  5. Hi amazon ... My us citizen sister aplay for my brother family to immigrant USA.. F3 catagory. Now my brother can applay for visit visa for USA .. Any problem ???for immigrant visa...

  6. Hi all the f2a moves 8 months in september visa can we see further movement in cming pd is 8 oct 2013..when can i expect it to be current..


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