Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DACA Processing Statistics as of 04/30/2013

The following show total receipts and approvals as of 04/30/2013. This update also shows the applicants by country.

Total Received: 515,922
Total Accepted: 497,960

Approvals: 291,859
Denied: 2,352

The following is the trend. Total applications show a slow-down; however in last 3 month, the USCIS approved over 116,000 applications.

Tip: Click image to enlarge. Date below was generated on May 9, 2013.

Top 10 Countries of Origin: Asian countries include India, Pakistan, Philippines and South Korea. Remaining countries are in South America.

By State: California and Texas are the top two states for DACA applicants. Maine and Montana are the two states with lowest DACA applicants.


  1. Is DACA only for ILLEGAL people? Is my son who turned 21 screwed because he went the legal path? He has no work authorization, he pays out of state tuition's even he is here for 8 years legally, finished High School, goes to college.
    That's so unfair!

    1. DACA = Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

      A grant of deferred removal action does not confer lawful immigration status, alter an individual’s existing immigration status, or provide a path to citizenship.

      You can read more here:


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