Sunday, May 19, 2013

Website Feature # 2 and 3: GC Calculator and Locate Hidden VB

Hey guys, we have just launched GC Calculator and Locate Hidden VB

GC Calculator: This tool will help you estimate when your priority date could be current. It can estimate dates for both family based and employment based categories.

How To Use:

1. Enter your priority date
2. Enter your preference (F1, F2A, EB1, etc)
3. Enter your country (of origin or chargability)
4. Click on the Estimate button.

The calculator will show you the VB date when the PD could become current.

Currently we are optimizing the predictive algorithm for EB2 and EB3 categories; so these two are currently unavailable. It should be available soon. Also we will be tweaking the algorithm further for all EB/FB categories later this month and next month. So the values could slightly change.

In addition we have added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) just below the calculator. We have also added a discussion thread on that page. You can now directly discuss with everyone.


Locate Hidden Visa Bulletin:

Sometimes Department Of State (DOS) uploads the new visa bulletin in a different page and adds the link to it from the main page. This tool will allow you to scan all these different pages and find it before it is released to general public.

How To Use:

1. Enter the last four digit of the latest visa bulletin. For June 2013 VB, it is 5953
2. Select how many URLs to look at (between 10 and 50)
3. Click on Locate VB button

The system will immediately scan all these new URLs and let you know if a hidden VB is found.

In addition we have added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and discussion thread on that page. If you find the hidden VB, you could be the first person to let everyone know :)

You can also find the link to this tool from the main visa bulletin page:

Direct Link:


  1. Thank you Amazon!! These are really useful :D

  2. What about EB2 india ?

  3. When we can see EP2 and Ep3

    1. EP2 is current and should continue to be current (atleast this fiscal year).

      EP3 should be ready in about 3-4 days.

  4. Hi there,
    when do you think Eb-3 with PD 09-09-2009 will be up for a Greencard


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