Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio says that CIR bill cannot pass House

Senator Marco Rubio (who is part of "Gang Of 8") said yesterday on a conservative radio talk show that the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration reform bill won’t likely pass the Republican-led House.

"The bill that’s in place right now probably can’t pass the House,” Rubio told Mike Gallagher, a nationally syndicated talk show host. “It will have to be adjusted, because people are very suspicious about the willingness of the government to enforce the laws now.”

He continued: “That is a very legitimate suspicion, it’s one that I share, and if there’s anything we can do to make [the bill] even tighter … that’s exactly what we should be working on.”

The Florida Republican called the Gang of Eight bill a “starting point” and urged opponents to propose changes to the bill, not try to kill it altogether.

The other problem is that the CIR bill is viewed as friendly toward employment based immigration which Republicans want. However Democrats want more visas in the family based categories and are not happy with the way the CIR bill favors employment based immigration over family based immigration.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to begin marking up the bill next week, and it could hit the Senate floor in June. House Republicans have favored tackling reform in bite-sized pieces, rather than in one omnibus bill.

This is an update to previous story on the current state of CIR bill. We will continue to post important updates to CIR bill as more data/news is released.

You can find more details here:


  1. What is going on with Congress people?

  2. Anyone knows why does Republican and Democrats keep fighting?


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