Monday, June 3, 2013

Guess EB2 Priority Date in July/August 2013 VB And Win Prizes

New Blog Post On June 16 :  EB2 Category Visa Bulletin Movement from August 2013 to December 2013

EB2 India is expected to have big forward movement in the July/August 2013 visa bulletin. The first person to correctly guess the date for EB2 India in July/August 2013 visa bulletin will prizes. Winner will be announced after visa bulletin is released.

Contest Link:

Simple rules:

1. Only one prediction per person.
2. Posting more than once in that thread will disqualify the person.
3. You can edit your post (change your answer) for upto 24 hours after posting.
4. Only prediction in that thread will be considered.
5. Contest will be open until visa bulletin is released. Posts made after each vista bulletin is released will be disqualified.

If no one can guess the correct date, the first person to guess the closest date will win. This means someone is guaranteed to win the prize.

Example: If VB date is July 15, 2011 and two people said July 16, 2011 (first post) and July 14, 2011 (second post). Since the nearest date difference is one day, the person with July 16 will win (since they posted first).

Prize: $25.00 for each contest.

Enter contest below:

Contest # 1 - Guess EB2 India Dates In July 2013 VB   <--hurry, less than 8 days remaining

Contest # 2 - Guess EB2 India Dates In August 2013 VB

Anyone can win these contests. You only have to be the first one to guess correctly. We will posting one more contest later.

If you have suggestion for contest idea, please post below.


  1. What will the winner get?

    1. Hi anonymous, the winner will get $25 for each contest.


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